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Annual Reports

Foreword by the Chair

During the reporting period 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013, the Governing Board and Secretariat have reviewed the Institute's Strategic Plan and made good progress toward the goals identified in that review.

The major focus of the review and the goals agreed in it, has been to refresh and to some extent, re-shape the curriculum to enable the Institute to continue to support judges in the work that they do. The Board agreed to refresh the curriculum to exclude stale or peripheral programmes and to re-focus on core topics for judges. Some programmes have been substantially revised including Judicial Orientation, Judgment Writing, and Te Reo programmes. New programmes have been or are being developed such as Bail, Tikanga and Dealing with Media and Communication.

A secondary focus has been to develop new "delivery mechanisms" so that the Institute can respond more quickly to the judiciaries' educational needs and also so that judges can access Institute material when they need it in their work. To this end, over the 2012 / 2013 period, the Institute has delivered webinars, recorded seminar content and developed online tools that will soon support a library of connected educational material for judges.

I expect that over the next 18 months we will begin to see the benefits of these changes flowing through in increased access for judges to programmes and programme material, and in new and challenging course content.

The judiciary is well served by the team at the Institute, who not only deliver many high quality programmes on a limited budget, but who also embrace and drive change. I express my sincere thanks to Janine McIntosh (Director), Rhonda Thompson (Education and Development Adviser), Vivienne McKevitt (Office Manager), Babette Kreyenhop (Events Administrator), and Tina Pope (Bench Book Editor). They have worked with spectacular efficiency and purpose in putting the strategic plan into effect. Their professionalism, dedication and cooperative approach have been instrumental to progress for the Institute over the past year.

I also wish to acknowledge the Hon Justice Susan Glazebrook who retired as Chair of the Board in October 2012. On behalf of the Board I thank Justice Glazebrook for the enormous contribution she has made to the development of the Institute and to judicial education. Although no longer on the Board, Justice Glazebrook continues to contribute her time and energy to the Institute, and this year was instrumental in the development of the very successful course, the Constitutional Role of a Judge.

As Chair of the Governing Board I see the enormous effort and creativity that has been harnessed by the Institute through its presenters, many of whom are judges. I thank all judges who have participated as members of education committees, seminar planners, presenters, chairs, bench book editors and participants.

Finally I acknowledge the important contribution of the Ministry of Justice in the administration of the Institute.

Thank you

Hon Justice Helen Winkelmann


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