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Search - Institute of Judicial Studies

Tips for Searching

  • Simply type in your keywords separated by space and hit enter. Please omit prepositions (e.g. from, to, with, of, etc.).
  • The space separator equals an OR search, i.e. any of your search terms will be found.
  • Alternatively you can connect your search terms with AND, e.g. judicial AND institute will find documents that contain both terms.
  • You can also try a combination of OR and AND connectors and brackets to determine the priority, e.g. (judicial OR judiciary) AND studies.
  • If you want to search for a phrase, simply surround your query with quotes, e.g. "judicial studies" will find documents containing this exact phrase.
  • To filter your results, you can limit your search by file type.
  • The results can be sorted by rank, date or file size.

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